New Customer Discount on Dental Handpiece Repair Services!

$25.00 Off Any Dental Handpiece Repair!

Any Highspeed Handpiece, Lowspeed Handpiece, Handpiece Attachment, or Air Scaler.

To get the New Customer Discount:

  1. Print out ourpdfRepair Order Form and mark "New Customer".
  2. Then enclose it with your handpieces needing repair. And don’t forget to usepdfour mailing label to take advantage of our free postage paid shipping.
  3. We will automatically deduct $25 right off your invoice. It's that easy!

Limit 1 per customer. Promotion can be cancelled at any time without notice. Also be sure to see our policies regarding warranties, orders, payments, shipping, returns, general disclosure and privacy.

highspeed handpiece
lowspeed handpiece
air scaler

Micro Air’s certified technicians can service and repair all highspeed handpieces, lowspeed handpieces, surgical drills, and air scalers for any dentist office. This includes all the major makes and models of dental handpieces, including Kavo®, Star®, Midwest®, Lares®, NSK®, W&H®, Synea®, Adec®, Schein®, Champion®, Sirona®, MK-Dent®, Patterson®, MTI®, and Meisinger®.

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