Celebrating 25 years of quality serviceWhy choose Micro Air, Inc. Handpiece Repair?


With 25 years in the dental handpiece repair business, Micro Air’s certified technicians can repair all your highspeeds, lowspeeds, surgical drills, and air scalers. From simple adjustments to complex overhauls, you can count on us to have the training, the experience, and the correct tools to do the job right the first time. We also have training and repair experience on other pieces of dental equipment such as delivery systems, automatic lubricating systems, clean water systems, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, and air compressors. This well-rounded level of experience gives us a unique perspective on how your dental handpieces interact with other equipment in your office. Beware of new companies whose training program may only be a weekend seminar, or even worse, a repair video! Ask questions about training and experience, it’s your handpiece and it’s your money!


You can't be in business as long as we have unless you consistently perform quality work and provide excellent customer service. When you call, you can talk directly to the technician who is working on your handpiece. All our work is backed by a "no nonsense" warranty.


No more waiting for the big company reps to pick up your handpiece only to ship it off for repair anyway. Save time and money by shipping your handpiece to us directly. Our streamline repair process allows us to evaluate and repair your handpiece fast, usually in less than 24 hours. We also maintain a very large parts inventory so you won't be waiting for parts either.


We deal directly with your dental office which means we can "cut out the middleman" and pass that savings on to you. Why pay someone $50 or even $100 for simply mailing your handpiece to a repair facility.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates on all handpiece repairs. In addition, if we feel the repair may be uneconomical or excessive, we will always contact you prior to repair. We always keep your best interest in mind.

It's Easy

Our postage paid label allows you to simply include the handpiece box with your regular mail. No calls for pick up or standing in line at the post office. It simply doesn't get any easier!