Dental Handpiece Repair Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What brands of handpieces can Micro Air repair?
    We can repair all brands of air driven, nitrogen driven, and electric driven handpieces. Whether it’s a highspeed handpiece, slow speed handpiece, electric handpiece, surgical drill, or sonic scaler, we can repair it. We also have a network of repair partners to aid with specialty repairs that are not economical for us to do in-house.
  2. I want to send a handpiece to Micro Air for repair. What do I do?
    It’s easy! Simply go to our pdf“Print Mailing Label,” and print yourself a label and repair form. Fill out the repair form with your office information. Enclose the completed repair form and your defective handpieces in a small box. If you prefer, you can give us a call or send us an email and we will send you a complete mailing kit, box included. Tape the box securely and affix the postage paid label. Now simply drop your handpiece box in any US MAIL receptacle or give it to your mail carrier.
  3. Can I ship my handpieces through FedEx or UPS?
    While we accept deliveries from all carriers, we recommend using the USPS Postage Paid Label provided so you can take advantage of the free shipping.
  4. How long does the typical handpiece repair take?
    Handpieces are evaluated, repaired, and shipped back within a 24 hour period in most cases. We carry a very large inventory of repair parts so you don’t have to wait for parts. Our central location in the heartland of America insures quick deliver wherever you are.
  5. Does Micro Air offer free estimates?
    We offer free estimates on any handpiece repair. In most cases we can give you a preliminary estimate over the phone. However, unforeseen issues can arise so it’s best to send your handpiece in for disassembly and evaluation. If you send a handpiece in for a free estimate and you decline the repair, we simply ship it back and you owe nothing.
  6. How do you ship my handpieces back to me, and how much does it cost?
    We ship handpieces through the USPS with their Signature Confirmation service. By shipping handpieces this way, we can easily track the delivery progress, see who signed for them, and be sure your expensive handpiece is not simply dropped off at your doorstep. We charge a flat rate of $4.95 per box regardless of how many handpieces it contains. And as always, all new handpieces are shipped free!
  7. Why does Micro Air rebuild turbines using only premium ceramic bearings instead of stainless steel bearings?
    Simply put, they are better! Ceramic bearings run faster, run smoother, run cooler, and last longer than stainless steel bearings. These bearing are standard with our turbine rebuilds and we don’t charge extra for an “upgrade” to ceramic bearings.
  8. Is it better to repair or replace a handpiece?
    In most cases, we can restore a handpiece to like new operating condition for a fraction of the cost of a new handpiece. However, occasionally we will receive a handpiece that is in such bad shape, it’s not economical to repair it. Rest assured, we will contact you and recommend you do not repair the handpiece. We always keep your best interest in mind.
  9. How often should I lubricate my handpiece?
    We recommend you always reference the handpiece manufacturers’ maintenance instructions that came with your handpiece. However, for your convenience, we havepdfposted a generic maintenance chart which can also be found under our “Repair Services” information. This form can be printed and posted in your sterilization area for easy reference. Be aware that some handpieces are “Lube Free” and should not be lubricated.
  10. What happens if I accidentally lubricate a “Lube Free” handpiece?
    What makes a handpiece “Lube Free” is primarily the lube free turbine bearings. These lube free bearings are usually ceramic and are packed with a permanent grease which is designed to last the life of the bearing. If this type of bearing is lubricated, the permanent grease can be flushed out of the bearing and it may lose its “Lube Free” properties. While you can continue to use the handpiece, from that point forward it should be lubricated like any other handpiece. It’s a one way street, once it is lubricated, it is no longer “Lube Free”.
  11. Do repairs performed by Micro Air come with a warranty?
    Micro Air, Inc. has a no nonsense unconditional warranty. We want you to feel confident knowing that all of our products and service parts are manufactured to the highest standard of quality and thoroughly tested prior to you receiving them. In the unlikely event that you should need to return a repaired handpiece under warranty, please read the following information regarding warranty returns.

Warranty Return Procedure

If you require warranty service, please send a copy of your paid invoice with the date of service, description of the problem or failure, and the defective handpiece to the address below. No preauthorization is required.

Micro Air, Inc.
1953 13th Road
Clay Center, KS 67432

We strongly recommend using a traceable shipping method when returning handpieces for warranty repair. We are not responsible for uninsured products or repaired handpieces lost or damaged in transit.

Our warranty does not cover handpiece failures due to misuse or abuse, including but not limited to, dropping the handpiece, improper maintenance and sterilization procedures, or any other actions inconsistent with the manufacturers' recommended operating or maintenance instructions.

Warranties must be claimed within the set warranty period for each particular product repair. Warranty periods are clearly noted on each invoice.

Please note - New handpiece turbine assemblies are covered by the manufacturers’ warranty during the warranty period. If you require warranty service on a handpiece in which a new turbine was installed, please return the handpiece to us promptly so we can forward the turbine to the manufacturer and get it exchanged or repaired while the warranty is still in effect.

We reserve the right to either credit or replace the product under warranty.

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